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The pregnancy body pillow

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The pregnancy body pillow

A pregnancy body pillow combines a pregnancy pillow AND a nursing pillow in one item. After your baby is born, you can use the curved pillow to assist with proper positioning for bottle-feeding or breastfeeding you can even breastfeed twins with this pillow. When your kid gets older, the two bolster pillows are ideal as youth bed pillows. Each bolster pillow spans the width of a twin-sized bed. Two bolster pillows together span the width of a king-sized bed. Kinda makes it the ideal maternity pillow no ? be ready for a great night sleep!

The body pillow helps to maintain a properly aligned spine. Spinal alignment is a primary concern of doctors and chiropractors, and most of us incorrectly think it simply involves good posture and lifting with the legs, not the back. Having a properly aligned spine is also about the physical condition of your spine, and it affects your entire body. A current model on the market is the snoozer model. During pregnancy Snoozer pregnancy pillows can help with maintaining a properly aligned spine and after your pregnancy Snoozer body pillows continue that added support. Every single part of your body depends on good spinal alignment. Your spine supports your body and all body functions.It holds you up. This is what most of us think of when we think about the spine. Without a spine, we'd look more like jellyfish than human beings and driving a car would be a lot more difficult. It protects your central nervous system.
This is crucial. The central nervous system, which includes your brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves, is the body's communications center. Your central nervous system sends the message to your eyes to read these words, to your fingers to tie your shoes, it even tells you to breathe. Body pillows and pregnancy pillows help your spine protect the central nervous system, allowing it to function without interruption. If your spine is damaged, the messages traveling from your brain to your extremities and organs may be garbled. It's important that your spine stay properly aligned in order to keep those brain messages traveling to their intended destinations.

So what happens if my spine isn't aligned?
Muscle pain, hip or pelvic pain, chronic lower back pain, sciatica, leg weakness, poor circulation to the extremities, premature spinal arthritis of the joints and discs, disk pressure, insomnia. Enough? body pillows and pregnancy pillows will help eliminate your discomforts.

How can you protect or improve the alignment of your spine?
Well, start with Mom's advice. Sit up straight, walk without slouching, stand erect and wear good shoes. But that's just the beginning. There's so much more you can do. Start with maintaining a healthy body weight. Don't smoke. Lift heavy objects with your legs, not your back. Get in shape through walking, jogging, weight-bearing exercises, Tai Chi or yoga. Always stretch before doing any strenuous activity. Consider chiropractic care. Get plenty of quality sleep. The position in which you sleep is just as important as the amount of sleep you get.

Sleep in an environment that promotes spinal health.
Sleep on a firm mattress with pillows that provide your body muscular and skeletal support. Body pillows and pregnancy pillows (available in both upper body and full body sizes) provide your body with contoured spinal support, aligning your head, neck and back while you sleep. After a night sleeping with a Snoozer body pillow or pregnancy pillow, you wake up feeling completely rested and ready to meet all of the day's challenges. Whether you suffer from spinal misalignment or not, this is the pillow for you. It'll help people with existing problems and prevent the development of such problems in those lucky people whose spines are properly aligned.

pregnancy body pillows
posted by Oliver, 8:53 AM