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The wedge pregnancy pillow

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The wedge pregnancy pillow

Lots of people think using pregnancy pillows is strange, until they try one. They figure they can accomplish the same results by just stacking regular pillows behind their backs. Of course when you see the wedge pregnancy pillow for the first time you may think it's weird. As every pregnant woman knows, it's hard to get a good night's sleep when your belly is shaped like a watermelon. Since a woman shouldn't sleep on her back during the latter stages of pregnancy (it cuts off blood flow and circulation), or her stomach (for obvious reasons), the only position left is lying on her side.
These two wedge-shaped cushions simultaneously support a woman's abdomen and lower back while she lies on her side, offering a cocoon-like comfort during those uncomfortable final months. The cushions can also be used as firm padding to wedge between the knees, so she doesn't roll forward or backward. The cover is usually removable and machine washable. If it's in cotton,just throw it into the wash just like your other bed pillows. Wedge pregnancy pillows are generally lightweight, easily movable, and don't take up the entire bed. Another good thing is that it can accomodate your ever growing belly, you can adjust the velcro to provide more space between the pillows. Just make sure your skin isn't exposed to the velcro, it can be pretty painful. just cover it with a blanket. Also make sure you position it correctly as it can fall off the bed. Your hubby will also love it because it keeps you on your side of the bed and he won't get smashed anymore :)
Parents of reflux babies can also find the wedge pregnancy Pillow a benefit. Babies with reflux are best if they sleep with their body elevated at about a thirty degree angle. The pregnancy wedge pillow is actually about just that angle. This pillow can help keep the baby elevated to the right height. I wouldn't recommend this as an all night pillow since the pillow after all is made out of foam, but it can be useful for quick naps, provided baby is sleeping on his or her back. They cost between 8$ and 50$.

To sum up :

Support back and belly during sleep
Elevate legs to reduce cramps and swelling
Fill is usually100% polyurethane foam
Middle layer is 80% polyester/20% cotton
Machine wash cotton covers
Lightweight portability makes it easy for mom-to-be to move it about during sleep
Makes a great shower gift!

wedge pregnancy pillow
posted by Oliver, 9:28 PM